Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zucchini love from the garden....

Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables! They grow like crazy too. I was excited to do my morning garden walk and find 3 of them well on their way. I have 3 waiting for some love in my kitchen. I just gave 4 away last week. I have a few favorite recipes to enjoy our harvest. Now I just have to pick one of them. Last year we accidentally grew one zucchini plant. When we went camping we came home to some huge zucchini the size of my husbands forearm. I decided to do a breaded version and also zucchini pizza. I was excited to see how much my children loved them.

The recipe for the zucchini pizza was this one...  zucchini pizza. The recipe that I used for the breaded zucchini was..zucchini crips However, I used my own flax bread and put it through the food processor to make the breadcrumbs. Both of these recipes are great! My kids loved both and really enjoyed the zucchini this way. I believe in making vegetables taste good through roasting and both of these recipes use this method. Roasting brings out the best flavors of the vegetable. I have found that roasting makes any vegetable very tasty by adding a dash of salt, pepper and garlic pepper. Happy eating....p.s. I love my garden.

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