Thursday, July 17, 2014

Refrigerator pickles mmmmm.....

I am so excited after processing pickled beans to do a quick refrigerator pickle because quite frankly these cucumbers could not possibly grow fast enough. I am lucky and grateful to pull off two cucumbers at a time. Some days only one. It is a tragedy because they are so amazingly good, tasty and crunchy. For some reason even the looks of them all craggy and cut up are much more interesting to me than a store bought cucumber. So if they are that good fresh, imagine them as a pickle that you picked just yesterday. This is the appeal of a quick refrigerator pickle to me. They are really lightning speed to prepare, and I can add them as I pick them to the jar.

It is a pretty simple process. Simply pick your cucumbers and clean them up, getting those prickly parts off the outside. I am not fond of these. I use a glove and a sponge in a vinegar and water bath to clean them. Then, I slice them to the thickness of my liking. Lay them on a paper towel and sprinkle kosher salt on them. This helps the pickling process along.
I thinly slice an onion. It really doesn't matter which kind. Then thinly slice several garlic cloves. I place these in the jar first, then the cucumbers. Next I cover them with half seasoned rice vinegar and half regular rice vinegar. This is a really quick version. There are other's out there that have seasoning and vinegar. However, I have only tried this way. I don't see why to go another route since I love these quite enough! Yum!

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