Sunday, August 5, 2012

My gardens extended winter

We have been here at this home for a year now. I was looking forward to having a large garden area to work with in the spring. It was precisely why I started this blog. I had a very difficult time finding someone to till it for me, even find a tiller to borrow. Fortunately I finally did, however it was a season and a half later than I would have liked it done. So, needless to say I was very upset about missing all this time not only to plant but also to harvest, and to blog. So my blog has acquired some dust!

Now I am trying to weed this puppy and get some seeds down! This is a difficult task with all the horrendous heat that we have had. Living in Roseville we have suffered 100degree days. The logical thing would be for me to do it in the early morning. However, I run in the earliest part of the morning. So I think I may resort to evenings.

Just weeding this area has felt overwhelming and daunting. Gardening is no walk in the park when it comes to physical labor. I did not think I would ever have this hard of a time getting everything up to speed with my goals. I am trying not to get bummed out....but it has not been as easy as I thought it would be.  Thus far it is just like a sprawled out naked lady! She needs some seeds.

It is looking like it will be a Fall garden. :( I am bummed ....

I hope to have much more progress to report by the end of the week.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The evolution of spring

I cannot believe the way life can evolve! Spring is a time for new beginnings. All winter long, we are hibernating hiding from the cold and rain, trying to stay warm and not let the lack of vitamin D get the better of us. My name means "Little she bear". So let me tell you, I know a little bit about hibernating. My husband often refers to me as "the bear". The cold weather makes me quite the grump! I need my sunshine. I start to find myself anti-social. I am just curled up under my blanket reading book after book. Enjoying my kitchen and cuddling with my husband and children. Having coffee talk day after day with my sister, hulled up indoors...grrrrr.

My heirloom tomatoes will look like this in the summer!

The sheer pleasantries that are exchanged while people hurt inside are so hard hitting. While I love to catch up, I find that my ability to be compassionate can get the better of me. I want to make everyone feel better and lend helping hands, but my grumpy sullen face is just not going to help anyone. I often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. The winter blues seem to be running me ragged. Learning to pick my “I care battles” has been a challenge, to say the least. Everyone I know and love is going through some sort of life altering painful thing. I too have had my battles that I have fought over the last couple of years. I have learned that you are who you are (you are only as strong as your roots are) and you can work at changing but it is a daily effort, if you love anything or anyone enough to stay to work at it. Life is hard…then you die…as they say. (it is obviously raining out today :./)Well that just sounds so grim, but people sometimes treat life as if it will last forever. Does it? Are we really that invincible. Often a day or person is taken for granted. Grabbing life by its horns and setting goals that will give us satisfaction and overall wellbeing, happiness maybe? Is that just too much to ask?  Well life can be fulfilling, but you need a ray of light in everyday. Don’t you? We have to find strength in some place. I have found that I need to tend to my inner garden. My spirit, my mind and my body. I have been working on obtaining a balance between these places in my daily life.

I have deep, very deep Christian roots in my soul. These are roots that I am thankful for everyday. The Bible talks about seeds and planting. The Bible talks about reaping what you sow.  Gardening is a hard task, something that takes research if you are to be successful and maintenance, perservearance. Soil nurturing is key to a happy garden. In the inner garden it is soul nurturing that takes first priority for me. I cannot give away strength if I don't have any to begin with. I have always wanted a garden. I just as badly want the garden inside of me to flourish. I want to be that ray of light in a person’s day. I need to plant. I have been saving seeds since I moved to this beautiful house, since July of 2011. Every other week I would go to the farmers market and get produce. I love the experience of being outside and selecting my produce.  So, every week I would put aside my seeds. Now I have plenty to plant. I am so excited to get started. Well Spring is here, yet it would seem that auntie Winter has overstayed her welcome. It is time…if it would only stop raining...pretty please.....

Monday, January 2, 2012

winter blues...

It is amazing how when the sun decides to peak out...I run outside to tend to my plants. The sun encourages my hibernating to subside. I usually love to cook and can spend hours in the kitchen. However, I have noticed that the drudgery of the year as it has come to a close has caused my fire to burn out a bit. This situation has caused me to reflect days on end on the last few years. Reflection can bring about a renewing. Thinking about why things have happened that you can control. Why next time you will do things differently. While many things have happened in my life, I am in a place that is peaceful and happy.When I look outside and see the gray clouds, but no rain, I pout, because I feel desperate! Desperate because I need to feel like myself again.

I believe carrying two classes instead of one, along with my busy family filled life is snuffing me out!When my fire is burning bright, I am creating, writing, nurturing, making food and plants thrive...come to life. Right now...nothing.....

I am praying for the sun to shine on my Right Brain....please sun come out and shine on me.

I look for inspiration in all the same places, but am delighted when I find it in new ones. I often am inspired by my Bible, my mother, Martha Stewart Living,Whole Living and some other great blogs. I also find that some films can kick me into high gear. Right now I am waiting for some kind of lightning to strike. I need my fire to be rekindled.....

I always like to share a little recipe with here you go. This is one of my favorite comfort food recipes that I stumbled upon at the beginning of fall. It is so delicious. Enjoy.....