Monday, September 5, 2011

Planting morning glory vines for my lattice patio....

My backyard is very beautiful. The only problem is that my patio is just a lattice covering. I have always wanted a vine covered patio. My favorite vine is morning glory. It can cover a lattice patio with a rich green vine and little purple flowers. I think shade with plants is more comforting however it won't keep out the rain. So it's a good thing I have a covered front porch.  Above is a picture of the potential this plant has to climb.
(morning glory photo retrieved from

Now that my seedlings have sprouted I am very curious how long it will take before they start creeping and crawling up the sides of my porch. I planted them right at the base of my porch on the two front corners. They should be coming along strong in no time at all.

This patio has a lot of potential. I would like it to eventually have a lot of planters and  Moroccan lanterns. I  already have the Moroccan lanterns. I still need to put them up. I have had a hard time making it inviting because of the lack of shade. That will be a long time coming but it at least is in the making. I want it to have a festive feel conjuring up feelings of relaxation and refreshment right when you walk out to the patio from the house. It should be a place where you can have a cocktail, read a book, or just rest with a cup of joe. So keep your fingers crossed that my inspiration will continue. These are the before pictures. I will keep you posted on the progress. ;)

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