Monday, August 22, 2011

Wilflowers sprouting to my delight and pleasure....

I am not quite sure if seeing seeds sprout will ever be a dull experience. I can't even describe how exciting it is to see the little sprouts come up. It seems to wet my anticipation for what is to come of these sprouts. Being that there are some specific flowers, others are part of dwarf mixture, (picture on the seed packet is in a previous post). I have learned that these may not flower until the following season(insert very long sad face here). However, the benefits of planting them far exceed the length of time to wait for them. Not only are they so beautiful and, well, wild looking, which I very much prefer, but they are excellent bee feed and ground cover.

Note:"Wildflowers are naturalized plants or native wildflowers that are not invasive or aggressive to the natural order of plants in a given area. Each wild flower species has developed over time to genetically become disease and insect resistant to that particular area, soil conditions, climate and other environmental factors. Some wildflowers should not be planted in new areas because of their aggressive growth which can take over native species and wipe them out. Every region has Eco systems within Eco systems and competition is regulated by the genetics within each separate system. It is always best to plant the NATIVE wildflower seed varieties that can be obtained for your region."

I have found that the textures of wildflowers are pleasing to view. There is a natural variety in the seed packets to enjoy visually. My daughter loves to pick flowers so this is another good reason to plant them because she will have so much fun picking out specific colors and varieties. I have decided that I may need to plant much more just to keep her occupied. It is difficult to tell a 2 year old that she can't pick the flowers because quite frankly I want to pick them too. So I can hardly blame her or get upset when she comes to hand them to me or tries to put them in my hair. I look forward to watching them grow. I am extreemly tickled about the visual journey to come.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

The plums are ripe for the pickin...

I researched plum season for California and found an interesting article. 
I learned that my plums should be ripe right about now. I went to check them today. They are definitely ready to be picked and jammed. So I have been making some calls to people that I know have experience and will be making jam this coming week. I am so very excited because this is something I have always wanted to learn. Learning something new is always extreemly invigorating. It is amazing how it gets the blood flowing and makes you feel like a little kid on the first day of school. I have butterflies and feel nervous to make jam from the plums on my tree. It sounds so silly out loud, but I can't help myself.

I did find a pectin free plum jam recipe on a site that I love. I found a great web and blog site,
I am excited to be finding so many treasures along the way as I research different processes I am trying to learn. I also met a fantastic foodie last night that gave me a wonderful pulled pork recipe to try. His salsa site is He said his Aztec Chipotle salsa can be found at Corti Bros. downtown and makes a mean pork roast turn delicious.'
 You'd be glad to know that his salsa is all natural with no sugar. (I always love that) I also am a huge supporter of buying local products and produce.

Research is such fun!! So I will keep ya'll posted on my jamming adventure.

BTW my wildflower seeds are sprouting...more on that later...just about fell over when I saw those little sprouts this morning. I am amazed at what tickles my fancy.
xoxoxo Ursula Here are some pictures from my plum jam canning project!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bringing the wildness and pretty to my yard...

My front yard is quite lovely. My daughter drags my booty out in the morning with her blanket and baby doll to lounge under the trees with morning toast and fruit. She adores it as much as I do. (my heart smiles) It needs some flowers though. Some wildness and pretty. I picked out some wildflower packets and thought I would sew my first. Everything I am doing right now in this yard is all It feels good to come out of my comfort zone. To try, even though I don't know how it will all work out. But, why not? So I thought I would share some before and after photos of my yard. Let us see how wild these flowers really are. Hmmmmm...maybe I am more wild than they are? Let the pictures here are some before be continued..........dun dun dun

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My first sprouted seedlings

Today was an amazing day for my gardening journey. Gardening is not the easiest thing to take on. A lot of research, trial and error, as well as patience are required. This morning I went out to water my planter beds, seedlings, and herbs(part of my morning ritual).I had to take a second glance at my seedlings because I noticed that instead of just dirt in the pots there were little sprouts(cantaloupe and watermelon seeds). I almost cried with overwhelming excitement. For those of you who have done this before or are avid gardeners, you must think I am ridiculous. There is a little interesting story behind these seeds....

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start saving my seeds from from my produce. I figured it would save my wallet a few dollars. Most seed packets are about a dollar or two. Since I go to the farmers market every weekend and get fresh produce, it seemed like a frugal and wise idea. I researched and learned how to dry them out and save them for planting in an article by Kylee Baumble called, "Saving your seeds". ( planted half of them in little pots and stored the rest. I wasn't very confident they would germinate! But holy freckin golly they did!!!! I had to share this part of my journey, "from dirt to plate".  It is exciting just getting started. I feel like this journey is going to have so many amazing benefits and surprises along the way.

It is one thing to just cook whatever you come across. However cooking fresh produce that you personally toiled over to bring into your kitchen is a whole other idea. This goal for me and my family has integrity and inspiration wrapped around it. I am also looking forward to having everything right off the vine. WOWZER....wish my soil luck!