Saturday, July 12, 2014

When chocolate and Zucchini were married.....

So I love chocolate, and I love zucchini. Maybe not at the same level, however somehow because the zucchini comes from our own dirt it raises itself up to the same level as my love for chocolate. I could not live without chocolate!! One of my favorite recipes for these two loves coming together is Chocolate and Zucchini cake. The recipe that I love is from one of my favorite authors Coltilde Dusoulier.  Coltilde's Blog
I love her cookbooks so much and her Chocolate Zucchini cake is the best! She makes this combination very appealing and decadent. (Below are some pictures from our garden and my kitchen)Recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake

I like to serve this with Lambrusco and fresh whipped cream!
I love that I can use my zucchini to make a great treat for my family! This combo is so surprisingly delicious! I hope you get to try this.

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