Saturday, July 12, 2014

Watermelons growing like crazy...

We planted watermelon last year and got a decent harvest from it. This year we have 4 accidental watermelon plants. This turned out to be pretty exciting because I wanted to plant some but my husband vetoed me. Ha! I got my way because God loves me. Here is a pic of last seasons watermelons from our garden. As well as a coctail that I made for the ladies. I included the recipe that I used for it. So good!It was a hit! I also found out this year that you can use watermelon as a natural electrolyte when you work out.You just put the watermelon through the blender. (Below are the pictures from our garden and kitchen.)

 I used vodka because I did not have rum. I also used a NuNaturals stevia instead of sugar for this fabulous cocktail.
Watermelon punch with fresh Lime recipe

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