Saturday, July 12, 2014

Progress in time

The time it has taken to get our garden going has been emotional and hard work. It has been fun and rewarding. I haven't posted here in a very long time, but I hope to change that. I have some pics of our progress...
The above picture is of green beans that we planted. They have given us many harvests of beans. They grow into bushes and then start to vine outwards. We also planted heirloom beans(down below on the left) that are a purple color and then turn green when you cook them. Cooking this variety of beans was like watching magic transpire before my very own eyes.
We planted three varieties of beans. Below are the purple heirloom variety raw then cooked.
After falling in love with growing beans we started to see burning on the leaves. At first we thought that we were possibly overwatering. However, after some research that my husband did, he found that it could be ozone damage. I was horrified to learn this.
It is unfortunate to loose a crop to ozone damage. Especially since we (we meaning human kind) have caused this with our vehicles and burning of harmful waste. It is so sad. It broke my heart to loose my crops to this. I picked the last harvest of green beans and then had to pull up my beautifully damaged plants. Anything that you do with your whole heart and efforts poses a threat to fail. Failing is hard especially when you have no control of a disease that wreaks havoc. I am going to be brave and plant another crop of beans. Maybe it will be different this time. Progress to be continued... Heirloom Beans with Bacon and Carmelized Onions 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 red onion roughly chopped 1/2 lb of bacon chopped lots of organic Purple Podded Pole Beans with stem ends snapped off. 1.Put one tablespoon of olive oil into a high sided saute pan. Let it heat up, then add red onions and a pinch of salt. Let this go until carmelized a bit. Then add the bacon. Cook the bacon until it starts to brown. 2. Finally add the beans with another couple pinched of salt, garlic pepper and pepper. Keep tossing until desired tenderness and all the purple beans turn green.

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