Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beans beans the magical fruit...

The beans that we grew this season are lovely. It is our first time growing them. I was surprised to see how quickly they sprouted from seed and started producing beans. I posted already with a cooked recipe for them. However, we have also pickled some beans. My husband tried two different recipes the first time. The links below are the recipes that he used. My husband was not aware that the beans turn green when cooking. He was surprised to find that the water liquid in the mixture turned pink as the beans shed their deep brilliant purple color.
I was out of town when he canned these. I think he had fun! After testing the beans 3 weeks later we decided to make more. We did not care for the lemon rosemary recipe as much. So we decided to make a new batch with the other one. We also made a jar of asparagus with the Crisp Pickled Green Bean recipe. I am anxious to try them because we added a little bit more red pepper for more of a kick.
It is sad that our first crop had issues. Maybe better luck with the next.

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