Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little goes a long way

Being responsible does not just mean showing up on time, setting your alarm and being a stand up person. It isn't enough anymore. Being a considerate person, while a lot of people are not, is also being considerate of your environment. It relates to how your money is spent regarding your carbon footprint, whether you try to buy local, or buy used instead of new whenever possible. Considering people, your environment, your children's future world, are you the most considerate person? Are you trying to be a responsible person, on more levels than one?

Supporting the food giant companies is like feeding a beast. You pay for the advertising, plastic, cardboard, shipping, and all the preservatives that go into that Hostess Twinkie! (Twinkies are dead, BTW) While everyone is busy just trying to be kind, even when it is fake, our world, our children, and our economy is in absolute peril. I am not a constant storm cloud by any means, but I often contemplate a whole lot of issues throughout my busy day that simply irk me! Sustainable living takes some effort. It upsets me that most people don't even care about recycling let alone sustainable living. I am no expert in sustainable living, however in the past few years I am making huge efforts towards living from dirt to plate and buying locally as well as composting, cycling instead of driving and avoiding preserved foods as well as sugar. If you don't care, who will?

Sustainability, according to, Environmental Science. The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. 

This blog for instance, I started it to keep myself motivated in three areas that really mean a lot to me. The first is cooking food that comes from my own garden. The second, is to continue writing....which I thoroughly enjoy doing, when I am able to be vulnerable and real with my reader. I cannot stand fake people or a fake front for the sake of saving face...let's just keep it real. Fake people are a waste of my time. Lastly, I want to be able to use my photography skills. While trying to keep up with raising children and working at a loving marriage, (Yes a good marriage takes upkeep) I find my needs being sent to the back burner. Case in point, I don't jog for more than 20 min., because I don't want to burden anyone longer than that. I am always trying to further my education on sustainability issues, trying to live a greener life. I love the outdoors...I want the beauty of it to last.

So my challenge to my readers is to try to live more sustainable. Do it for our future generations. Try to care...please...

Here are some interesting articles that I read today about the locavore diet. Which means eating food that comes from within a 100 mile radius. They are fascinating articles! Check them out!

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