Sunday, August 5, 2012

My gardens extended winter

We have been here at this home for a year now. I was looking forward to having a large garden area to work with in the spring. It was precisely why I started this blog. I had a very difficult time finding someone to till it for me, even find a tiller to borrow. Fortunately I finally did, however it was a season and a half later than I would have liked it done. So, needless to say I was very upset about missing all this time not only to plant but also to harvest, and to blog. So my blog has acquired some dust!

Now I am trying to weed this puppy and get some seeds down! This is a difficult task with all the horrendous heat that we have had. Living in Roseville we have suffered 100degree days. The logical thing would be for me to do it in the early morning. However, I run in the earliest part of the morning. So I think I may resort to evenings.

Just weeding this area has felt overwhelming and daunting. Gardening is no walk in the park when it comes to physical labor. I did not think I would ever have this hard of a time getting everything up to speed with my goals. I am trying not to get bummed out....but it has not been as easy as I thought it would be.  Thus far it is just like a sprawled out naked lady! She needs some seeds.

It is looking like it will be a Fall garden. :( I am bummed ....

I hope to have much more progress to report by the end of the week.

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