Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall-ing for the cool food

I was searching for Fall recipes today. I have come across so many amazing apple recipes. I was drooling thumbing through recipes of apple tarts, candied apples and caramel filled chocolate cupcakes. I am not savvy yet in the desert or breakfast department. I have solely been focused on cooking good dinner food. There is something to be said for a decadent desert. I for one do not eat a lot of sugar. I try to avoid it.  However my lovely home beckons me to bake. It is so comfy and homey. I also feel the need to make memories for my children that focus around being in the kitchen and enjoying baking.

Here are a few yummies from the family kitchen......

I remember making cookies with my mom at a very young age. My memories are so special and very vivid in my mind. I remember stirring the batter, putting in the peanut butter or chocolate chips.  I remember licking the spoon. It was delightful to hang out with my mom in the kitchen.  I can only hope to leave these impressionable memories with my children. So I need to get crackin. There is one thing I need to do before I invite them into the mix.

I really need to get comfortable baking.....

Therefore I am starting to collect some recipes that I want to make with them this fall. I will print them out for my farmers market trip this weekend and start anticipating the fun. My sister and I are planning a day of baking with our children. I simply cannot wait! Searching for great fall recipes is quite fun!!

 The kitchen and the table are a wonderful place to bond with family and friends. There is no technology to distract from having heart to hearts, sharing stories and  making memories.  My dinning room is really quite lovely. It feels like a  little European cafe. It does need some lace curtains though.   

My first fall desert is a pie that my husband picked out for me to make for his birthday. I was so nervous. I have NEVER made a pie before. The experience was as exciting as it was daunting. He got a cool cookbook focused around bbq'ing for his birthday. In this book was a recipe called, Reminiscent of Big Bob Gibson's Peanut Butter Pie from Peace love and Barbecue.  I looked at the recipe that my husband handed me for his birthday treat with terror in my eyes.  All I could think about was that I may mess it up terribly. To top it off he wanted me to make two pies....ah crap, I was scared!!!! 

I got in the kitchen, put some music on and got to work. I really thought it would be a dense pie with peanut butter in the ingredients.  It turns out it had a custard base and ended up tasting quite light but just dense enough for Fall weather.  We didn't get to try it on his birthday because the custard needed to set up in the fridge. However we had it the following day as an afternoon treat. I gave my husband and son the first slices. I stood waiting with anticipation to see if it turned out OK.  My heart was beating so incredibly fast!!! Then there was the yum, yum, yummy mommy moment I was waiting for.
And this is why I love to cook for my family. A touch of adventure, lots of love, a dash of talent and a bit of skill(knowledge) equals a fab finish. Bravo....happy baking for Fall all........

Here are a few more recipe links from babble...

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