Friday, August 19, 2011

The plums are ripe for the pickin...

I researched plum season for California and found an interesting article. 
I learned that my plums should be ripe right about now. I went to check them today. They are definitely ready to be picked and jammed. So I have been making some calls to people that I know have experience and will be making jam this coming week. I am so very excited because this is something I have always wanted to learn. Learning something new is always extreemly invigorating. It is amazing how it gets the blood flowing and makes you feel like a little kid on the first day of school. I have butterflies and feel nervous to make jam from the plums on my tree. It sounds so silly out loud, but I can't help myself.

I did find a pectin free plum jam recipe on a site that I love. I found a great web and blog site,
I am excited to be finding so many treasures along the way as I research different processes I am trying to learn. I also met a fantastic foodie last night that gave me a wonderful pulled pork recipe to try. His salsa site is He said his Aztec Chipotle salsa can be found at Corti Bros. downtown and makes a mean pork roast turn delicious.'
 You'd be glad to know that his salsa is all natural with no sugar. (I always love that) I also am a huge supporter of buying local products and produce.

Research is such fun!! So I will keep ya'll posted on my jamming adventure.

BTW my wildflower seeds are sprouting...more on that later...just about fell over when I saw those little sprouts this morning. I am amazed at what tickles my fancy.
xoxoxo Ursula Here are some pictures from my plum jam canning project!

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  1. I'm excited for you Chula,I hope you put a picture of your jam when complete.and describe the taste to us,natural is the way to go.Looking forward in seeing more,keep the excitement.